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Welcome To Expertly-Designed, Beautifully-Installed,
“Get What You Really Want” Remodeling.

Successful Remodeling Doesn’t Just Happen.
Our Step-By-Step Approach Delivers Beautiful Results…

Choosing A Remodeler...


Avoid Companies Using Sales Pressure: Sales pressure is a sure sign that a company is not confident enough to let their value speak for itself. (Plus, you just shouldn’t be made uncomfortable!).

Protect Yourself With A Detailed Quote: Make sure proposals are in writing, with specifics so you know EXACTLY what you are getting.

Experience Matters: Find out who will be working on the remodel. Is remodeling their sole focus? What is the specific experience level of the installers?

Ask For References: Asking for and contacting references will tell you just about everything you need to know about a company.

Who’s In Charge? Who will be your project manager? Be sure to meet them during the initial sales process and be comfortable that they will be responsive and accountable.

Pressure-Free Consultations
At Our Showroom.
No Pricing Games–EVER.

Cheap Products &
Rushed Installation? NEVER.

25+ Years In Remodeling…
Thousands Of Absolutely
Delighted Customers.

A long time ago – before I started this company in 1988 – I had a boss tell me “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” He meant to help me, but he obviously didn’t know me. I don’t even believe in “selling,” let alone hyping the “sizzle.”

I prefer to treat my customers like intelligent homeowners who know substance when they see it and don’t need me to “sell” them on real value and real quality.

In fact, I hate inflated claims, fake discounts, installation shortcuts, and anything else that smacks of flimflam or puffery.

I built Classic Kitchen & Bath to be a different kind of company.

Here are just some of the areas where we excel:

Our consultations are relaxed and pressure-free. Come to our showroom and cut through all the information overload. Experience what it is like to have a remodeling company that actually listens to what you want and answers all your questions – including those you didn’t know to ask.

Our design skills far exceed most remodeling contractors. I’m certified as a Designer from the most respected national organization for kitchen and bath remodelers. And I’m proud of that because it is a rigorous process. But more important is my real-world experience. When you’ve been at this for more than a quarter century, you know exactly how to create a design that is both elegant and functional.

The experience of our installers and their attention to detail is amazing. Our installers come with years of experience – in most cases a decade or more – and an attitude of “pride in craftsmanship” that is all too rare.

You get authentic, one-to-one personal service. Every project has daily visits and supervision by me – the owner – or my long-time general manager. You get maximum accountability – your guarantee that everything goes right the first time.

We spent a little extra time to put this website together to give you lots of great information about remodeling.

Please explore it… then, if we seem like your kind of company, please give us a call to discuss your upcoming project. We’d be honored to speak with you.


Larry Larson